I recently read an interesting article that discussed how our local school district was considering the purchase of 11,000 iPad devices so each and every student could enhance their learning with a mobile textbook. I happen to be the parent of two five-year-olds who will be starting school next year, so naturally I was very excited by this development.

My kids like to use our family’s iPad to watch videos on YouTube, or to visit PBSKids.org for all sorts of fun. It’s neat to watch them sit together at the kitchen counter and play with this exciting mobile technology ‘toy.’ My kids are growing up as “digital natives” right before my eyes!

This digital native generation will arrive in schools or the workplace expecting access to all information at any time and from anywhere. Times have definitely changed. I still remember writing reports by hand and correcting my school papers on the typewriter with whiteout!

Similarly, RJS is seeing a shift to mobile technology within the document management world as well. Salespeople on the road, delivery truck drivers, warehouse personnel and many other employees from industries across the spectrum need to have the ability to access corporate data with mobile phones or tablet devices. Mobile access is no longer just a helpful feature; it’s an absolute necessity for a successful worker who is expected to be available on-line, all the time.

RJS is responding to this evolving shift in doing business by mobilizing many of our core products. We currently are designing mobile interfaces for our WebDocs and inContact CRM software. This mobile application will offer RJS users the ability to view important company data from a mobile phone or tablet. Need access to a scanned purchase order back at the office, or want to view customer notes prior to a big sales presentation? No problem.

Our WebForms product already supports mobile browser-based access for completing online forms such as expense sheets, applications, surveys and more. You can even plug-in SignHere to your mobile WebForm to capture an electronic signature for immediate approval. We’re also busy exploring a mobile Enterprise Workflow interface which will allow timely document approval and routing while out of office.

If you’re interested in learning more about our mobile strategy for document management, check out my “Mobilize your i” session at this year’s COMMON, visit us at the inaugural RJS User Conference this September or stay tuned to a future webinar where we outline our mobilization roadmap in greater detail. As always, feel free to contact me directly if you’d like to discuss your mobile initiatives or any other interesting project you’re working on.