The first month of 2011 is coming to a close and so far, so good: the Dow Jones is up, Parks and Recreation is back on the air and people in Chicago are burning Jay Cutler jerseys. Can it get any better? It sure does with this week’s edition of RJS Friday Fun Links!  

For those searching for a news service with easy-to-read articles and unbiased commentary, look no further than The Daily Beast. The news site includes a great mix of well-written opinion pieces, as well as a “cheat sheet” of the top-trending topics of the day. Although only two years old, The Daily Beast is quickly becoming one of the most well-respected news services in America.          

Shakespeare may have asked, “What’s in a name,” but I’d like to question what these parents were thinking!?! SBNation recently posted their “Baseball Player Name Hall of Fame” and there are some one-of-a-kind laughers. Vinegar Bend Mizell, Greg Legg, Chicken Wolf and Cannonball Titcomb all got their shot in the big leagues, despite wretchedly awful names. My personal favorite, however, is Wonderful Terrific Monds III.

Wonderful Terrific Monds
The movie writers at MSN got together and selected their ten best movies of 2010. Many of the usual suspects (“Toy Story 3,” “Black Swan” and “The Social Network”) make the cut, but a few under-the-radar gems, like “Exit through the Gift Shop” and “Winter’s Bone” are strong recommendations for your Netflix queue, as well.

Black Swan
In anticipation of the Super Bowl, answered a rather common football question: What does “Packers” in the Green Bay Packers refer to exactly? Much like the Pittsburgh Steelers utilizing a nickname to illustrate the livelihood of their economy, Green Bay receives their namesake from their cattle and meat packing industry. Hmm… who knew?