As a history buff and techno-geek, I was pretty excited when two of my favorite companies – Apple and Google – were featured in interesting historical pieces recently.

In today’s naked security, Sophos’ award-winning security blog, Graham Cluley details the short history of Mac malware from 1982 – 2011.  Obviously this is a heated topic for many Apple lovers, some who still believe viruses on a Mac are as much myth as unicorns and leprechauns. I think everyone will agree that Apple has not seen the same intense malware issues as Microsoft. But it is naive to think Apple isn’t seeing its fair share of Trojans, FakeAV, worms and SEO poisoning in today’s hacktastic world. Cluley’s post is packed with videos and pictures of malware wreaking havoc on Mac systems, but all ends well with a FREE Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition download for those users willing to admit the obvious and protect their Mac from the devious web underworld.

Google Chrome, with the assistance of a fabulous design team, created a beautiful timeline entitled, “The Evolution of the Web.” The interactive site focuses on web browsers and the evolving development technologies used to create them. The timeline starts with HTTP and HTML 1.0 joining forces to establish Mosaic in 1993 and ends with Google Chrome’s OS V.1 released this past August utilizing HTML5 and several powerful web apps. It’s an incredibly interesting project and includes a pictorial chronology of browser versions which is fascinating for users intrigued by the evolution of user interfaces. Check it out!