It’s Oscar week, which means thousands will be glued to television sets to view the glitz and glamour of Hollywood as they reward the best in show for 2011. Will Meryl Streep finally win another Oscar (we’re going on 30 years)? Can a silent film win best picture? Who will wear the most ridiculous costume (remember Bjork’s infamous swan)? Here are your Oscar-inspired RJS Friday Fun Links.

First off, if you’re hosting an Oscar party or are just interested in learning who the nominees are, this ballot by Rotten Tomatoes will greatly assist you.


While many feel this was a weak year at the movies, there are still several solid flicks that were deemed worthy enough to be nominated for best picture. But would any of them place in the “Best of the Best Picture Nominees?” This list of 50 films include some of the greatest ever. The Godfather, Citizen Kane, The Wizard of Oz, E.T. and 2009′s Up rank in the top 10. My personal favorites on this list? You can’t go wrong with Sunset Boulevard or Casablanca!

One hotly-debated best picture nominee has many people scratching their heads over its inclusion. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close has been panned by many critics and it carries a 46% approval rating (rotten) on Rotten Tomatoes. Is it the worst ever nominee, though? Rotten Tomatoes shares their list of the “Worst-Reviewed Best Picture Nominees” and Entertainment Weekly counts down the “Most Overrated Best Picture Winners.”

I leave you with a fun “before they were stars” piece by The Daily Beast, where they take a look at Brad Pitt, Rooney Mara and other nominees’ most embarrassing roles. Do you even remember George Clooney as Batman, Jonah Hill in a hot dog suit, or Michelle Williams as a pubescent alien?