tankWhile researching possible group outings for the upcoming RJS User Group Conference in September, I ran across an article from Forbes.com with an out-of-the-box idea.

Just a short drive from Minneapolis-St. Paul is Drive A Tank. And, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

According to the article, Drive A Tank is the only place in the entire U.S. where regular folks (like you and me) can drive a military-grade tank around. Just for fun.

Not quite your style?

What about heavy machinery?

At Extreme Sandbox, also located conveniently close to the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, you and your guests can play with a skid steer, a bulldozer or an excavator. Brings you back to your childhood moving dirt around in your local playground, right?

Now, I’m not making any promises regarding the RJS User Group activity. But, if you’re planning your company’s next outing, I won’t be upset if you steal one of these two great ideas.