Introducing our new weekly feature, the “Employee Spotlight.” Every week we’ll pull the covers back and reveal a few interesting tidbits about an RJS employee. For our inaugural edition we’ve selected Marsha Dahl, our HR/Finance Coordinator.

Name: Marsha Dahl

Title: HR/Finance Coordinator

Fun Facts:

  • Once partied with the “Six Million Dollar Man” – Lee Majors – in Palm Springs, California.
  • Grew up in Montivideo, MN (Population: 5,331) and attended a country school with one teacher who taught six grades.
  • Once had Power of Attorney rights for a multi-millionaire and never embezzled any money.
  • Worked at a job where traveling on a Learjet was a monthly requirement.
  • Had six years of Inner Healing Prayer training and has counseled many people through life crises.
  • Played second base for eight years on a softball team called the “The Slammers.” The team name referred not to their powerful hitting but their pre-game ritual of downing “tequila slammers” behind the bleachers before every game.


(Marsha and Lee Majors share a laugh in Palm Springs, circa 1986.)