Whether a customer is searching for a software suite that can automate paper-intensive processes, is in need of assistance in complying with PCI or HIPAA regulations, wants to migrate to cloud software, or is simply looking to expand their RJS Software package into another segment of their business, these pain points require affordable solutions that are unique and tailored to a company’s specific business environment.

At RJS, we take pride in the fact our work requires a personal touch to alleviate a customer’s concern. Without that connection, our software would just be another product that solves an immediate frustration, but neglects to grow with you as your business matures. Here are a few of our favorite success stories of 2012, where we solved an especially difficult problem and primed a customer for success in the future.


Oklahoma City-based, Kimray, Inc., provides pumps, valves and pilots for the petroleum industry. With the company seeing significant growth, they were in need of a human resources on-boarding solution to assist in capturing electronic job applications. With our HR software package, Kimray was able to 1) utilize robust web-based forms to collect a variety of data and seamlessly integrate with their existing Optimum Solutions software, 2) securely manage all HR applications, tests and federal documents and 3) capture signatures electronically for authentication and approval purposes.

Chatham Steel logoIn business since 1915, Chatham Steel Corporation of Savannah, GA, provides steel services for more than 2,500 businesses. As IBM i users, the company was in need of an i-based solution that could remove some of the paper from their accounts payable invoicing. By employing WebDocs and iForms, Chatham Steel Corporation can now automatically generate an invoice upon receipt of an order, archive the data for billing, auto-assemble and match related documents to the order and then distribute the final PDF via email or print.

United States Cold Storage LogoHeadquartered in Voorhees, NJ, United States Cold Storage provides 194 million cubic feet of temperature-controlled warehouse and distribution space spread across 34 facilities in 12 states. With thousands of shipments moving in and out of their locations on a daily basis, the company was in need of a signature software solution that could capture a digital signature at the dock door, archive signed copies and then quickly print a legal copy for the driver. By choosing RJS, United States Cold Storage was able to seamlessly integrate into their current warehouse management system and save an estimated $150,000 annually on pre-printed forms.

CFAN is located in San Marcos, TX where they manufacture technically advanced composite parts for the aerospace industry. With a multitude of paperwork to manage, including drawings, revisions, production notes and regulations, the company was in need of a document control solution. With a combination of WebDocs, WebForms, iForms and SignHere, RJS was able to provide the paperless control CFAN needed. Now they can easily manage, revise, route, store and sign paperwork at the touch of a button and can communicate efficiently from the front office to the dock door.

Driasi LogoDRIASI, based in Chanhassen, MN, administers group life and health insurance plans for banks and other financial institutions. Looking to rid paper from a very paper-intensive process, the company came to RJS to streamline and automate communication between them and their clients. With WebDocs Windows and Enterprise Workflow, DRIASI is able to electronically manage and route incoming correspondence and insurance claims. With WebForms, they can provide online enrollment for their many insurance customers.

Ullico LogoBased in Washington D.C., Ullico provides a range of property, health and life insurance to union members. As a current customer of RJS and a long-time user of our Winspool product, they upgraded to DeliverNow so they could fully automate document distribution and delivery throughout the organization. Ullico currently uses DeliverNow primarily for its IBM i-based (AS/400) group administration system, which produces member information, claims and bank balance reports, among other documents. In any given month, this application alone produces about 900 reports.

El Dorado logoThe Eldorado is a hotel and casino located in Reno, NV. Utilizing our popular front desk registration software, the hotel and casino is able to capture guest signatures electronically at arrival and digitally file them away in WebDocs, a virtual filing cabinet. The software also has the capability to upsell guests on bigger rooms or advertise upcoming events directly on the signature pad device while the guest waits for the keys to their room.

A mid-sized Minnesota company, who provides several diverse services for a multitude of different industries, was seeking security assistance. They needed an expert to identify “what they didn’t know” about their security operations and wanted to find out if they were PCI compliant. By utilizing our free security review, we helped them discover simple problems they could fix on their own, while saving their entire budget for more difficult problems that needed our advanced assistance. Not only was our RJS Smart Security team able to maximize their protection and close possible security holes, but we also identified ways to become PCI compliant that were $250,000 cheaper than they expected. Due to the sensitivity of the issues our security department solves, we keep our customers anonymous for their protection.