I don’t know about you, but I’ve had waaaaaay too much coffee this morning and my body is convulsing a bit. Perhaps I’m just eager for the weekend, or maybe I’m finally understanding the newest dance craze, The Harlem Shake. What do you think? Is it time for Gangnam Style to take a backseat? Have a great weekend and enjoy the rest of your RJS Friday Fun Links!

By now you’ve most likely read about the rather scary meteor explosion in Russia today. The Washington Post is reporting, “the space-borne object may have been about 10 tons and was likely moving at an astonishing 10 to 12 miles per second.” The Post also collected some of the more stunning amateur videos of the meteor explosion. Everything from the meteor entering the skyline, to the car alarm hysteria during the explosion are caught on video.

If you find the above story overwhelming, you’re not alone. Perhaps it is time to take a vacation! The Daily Beast has a list of “Up-and-Coming Vacation Spots” that are off the beaten path and might not cost you an arm and a leg. Destinations that make the cut include: Cuba, Nepal and the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada.

The Mustang region of Nepal has only been open to outside visitors since the early 1990′s. Image – TrekTibet.com

Austin Madison, an animator for Pixar, had a humorous side-project on his blog throughout the NFL season. As a self-proclaimed non-football fan, Austin sketched what he thought would happen if, say, real Cowboys and real Giants faced off against each other. I guess you could call his drawings a much more accurate form of fantasy football!

And finally, I have to display my disappointment with Monopoly for choosing to replace the iron game piece with a super lame cat. This was a golden opportunity to display some creativity, Monopoly! I think Hormel’s brilliant Facebook campaign to “bring home the bacon” so-to-speak would have been a much wiser choice!