I don’t know about you, but I thought the Super Bowl was fairly boring this year (until the final 5 minutes). Big plays were few and far between and most of the commercials were duds. At least your RJS Friday Fun Links are never dull!

Speaking of which, big companies spend big money to air commercials to millions of people watching the game. The risk of course is when your ad flops and you’ve just flushed $3 million+ down the drain. So why not follow Old Milwaukee’s route?

The American brewery featured a 30-second spot in the country’s second smallest TV market – North Platte, Nebraska. The ad is simple, endorsed by Will Ferrell and produced significantly more social media buzz than national spots from Cadillac, CareerBuilder and others. As Bloomberg Businessweek accurately states, “Old Milwaukee spent $1,500 to broadcast a Super Bowl spot that’s generated more social media buzz than rivals’ $3 million commercials.” Old Milwaukee has been showcasing this unique campaign in other small cities as well, with humorous Will Ferrell commercials running in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Terra Haute, Indiana and Davenport, Iowa.

Apparently Will Ferrell is taking a more grassroots approach to comedy as he popped up at a New Orleans Hornets basketball game this week and announced the starting lineup introductions for each team. The intros are especially humorous for the visiting Bulls as Ferrell takes shots at Carlos Boozer for still living with his mom and Derrick Rose for embracing “The Notebook” as his favorite movie.

It’s always better to be at a sporting event in person, right? You might disagree after checking out this post by Jockular. The “12 worst stadium seats in sports history” include brutal sight lines, no leg room and even seats that can’t unfold!

Way before Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo kickboxing and the Kenpo routine in P90X, you could kick and punch in the majesty of your own living room with “The Karate Rap.” This brutal 80′s video is much like an onion. Every few seconds a new layer of bizarre ridiculousness is peeled back. Enjoy!