Happy holidays! We hope that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and have the majority of your holiday shopping complete. Here are a few fun links to kick off this weekend of holiday parties and endless glasses of nog.

Who says it’s too late to start a new holiday tradition? In 2005, a mother and daughter team wrote a story called “The Elf on the Shelf” and it has since become a huge hit for families with young children. The story is accompanied by an elf doll who is placed around the house to serve as a scout for Santa so he can find out who is naughty and who is nice. Cute story and helpful parenting tool, right?

Well, some overachieving parents have their elf get into mischief, like making messes around the house and even completely undecorating the tree, just so the kids get an extra laugh. Well this hilarious post from “People I Want to Punch in the Throat” questions the sanity of these parents (and after reading her humorous rant, I have to agree)!

Personally, I’m a bit surprised the Elf on the Shelf costume didn’t make the cut of Yoko Ono’s sojourn into the world of fashion. Although a bit tongue-in-cheek, Ono’s collection of abominable menswear includes “light-up codpieces ($200), pants with [a] see-through rear window ($250) and [slacks with] handprint-embellished crotches ($335).” Oh my!


It’s not often when a political figure can let loose a bit and show off their humorous side, but that’s exactly what Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard did the other day. Delivering a 50-second doomsday address to her “dear remaining fellow Australians,” Gillard discusses the Mayan calendar apocalypse and the imminent attack by “flesh-eating zombies.”

And finally … the internet outdid itself with the invention of the Calvin and Hobbes search engine. Type in a word and you’ll be brought to a collection of comics based upon the chosen search word. My personal favorite and especially appropriate for the season is “snowmen.”

Calvin and Hobbes